Health & Safety

Health and Safety are of the utmost importance.  For this reason, our in-take policy is very strict with no exceptions.  


Puppies are welcome, however need to have had their 3rd set of vaccinations.  All residents must be sterilised.


Fur kids with major health issues are also sadly not accommodated as we believe they need to be in specialised vet care.   


However, fur kids on basic medication are welcome – you just need to bring us all their meds and give us instructions on their individual requirements.  For this no additional charge is levied. 


Owner Responsibilities (Vaccinations, Deworming etc)


All fur kids need to be up to date with their inoculations, including Rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough) – of which the latter must be administered one month prior to entering K9 Bliss.  Please also ensure your biennial DA2pp vaccination is up to date.


It is important that fur kids are dewormed twice annually.  Please ensure your deworming is up to date.  Should we feel your fur kid requires to be dewormed we will do so – the additional charges will be for the owner.


Even if your tick and flea dose is up to date, we will be re-administering a spot-on when arriving at our resort. Please note this cost is for the owner and payable on arrival. You are welcome to bring your own spot-on at check-in.




How do we Operate?


Call us with your enquiry or complete the contact form on our website.


Complete our booking form and check list. Here is where you share all relevant information on your fur kids, including their likes and dislikes.


A 50% deposit will secure your booking. The balance of payment is required prior to check-in as per our booking form.


Payment for any costs incurred during the stay, if any, is payable on collection of your fur kid.


We believe our rates are highly competitive at our luxury country resort where we provide personal attention and high-quality care to your fur kids whilst with us.


Our operation is based upon integrity and high standards. We believe honesty is the best policy to build and form a trusting relationship.  


NB! We reserve the right to refuse entry to any fur kids that do not meet the required criteria.

Instant EFT, VISA and Mastercard Accepted!