What We Do


We do not personally offer parlouring services, however can enlist the service of a professional mobile groomer, subject to their availability.


Alternatively, we are more than happy to accompany your fur kid to our local grooming parlour located at a mall close by.


Please note that parlour costs will be for the owner.


Although it is a service we offer our clients, K9 Bliss cannot/will not take responsibility for these outsourced services.



We offer a pre-arranged collection and delivery service within the greater northern and western area of our resort.


The service is charged according to distance travelled.


Please speak to us about rates should you require this service.

Want to celebrate your fur kids’ special day?


Contact us for details on how we can make this a very special occasion at our resort.


At K9 Bliss our operating hours are by appointment!


Phone us – we will do our best to accommodate your personal needs.  


We understand the busy schedules of business professionals.




2021 Out of Season:
R175 per fur kid per night.
For 3 or more fur kids please contact us for a quotation.
2021 / 2022 Peak Season:
R195 per fur kid per night.
For 3 or more fur kids please contact us for a quotation.
Doggy Day Care
R125 per day.
T &C's Apply:
Pricing subject to change without notice.
Accommodation subject to availability.
Entrance to the property on which K9 Bliss (Pty) Ltd. is located is entirely at the owner's risk and right of admission is reserved.  The management, owners and employees of K9 Bliss (Pty) Ltd, nor the property, do not, and will not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any claim arising out of the injury, death, theft, loss or fire, or damage to property, or any other similar occurrence and/or accident causing loss and/or damage to you or your property including that of a third party, directly or indirectly, whether arising in common law or by statute when within the confines, or any part of the property as a result of, or arising from, fur kids residing at K9 Bliss (Pty) Ltd.
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