All our residents sleep in-doors in comfortable, luxurious quarters.  Linen is changed daily and our accommodation, toys etc. are also disinfected daily.  


Should you prefer to bring your own bedding and toys, you are welcome to do so.  Let’s chat about this when your booking has been confirmed.


We believe in a good night’s sleep after a full day in our country resort, and for this reason our sleeping facilities are not equipped with radio’s or TV’s.

Meal Time

We feed a well-known high protein mini dog pellet twice daily which is served together with a Chef’s choice selection on the day (a combination of chicken, beef, mince, vegetables and/or rice).  


Should you require more than two meals a day we are more than happy to accommodate these requirements.  


Please let us know up-front so we can be prepared.


Other soft treats are also shared with our residents as we just love spoiling every fur kid.


You are welcome to bring your fur kids favourite treat along so not to miss you too much.


It is important to share with us any allergies your fur kids may have.

Special Dietary Requirements

Should your fur kid be on a special diet (including raw food) or a medical diet this will need to be provided by the owners.


Also, should you prefer not to change their diet when they check into K9 Bliss you are welcome to bring their preferred food along.  


Depending on the complexity of your fur kids’ diet, there may be an additional charge.  Let’s discuss this when we confirm your booking.

Resort and Playtime

We have a beautiful grass resort in which our residence play and socialise during the day time.  


Each area has been fitted with some fun toys and a paddling pool to cool off in during the hot summer months.    You are more than welcome to bring your fur kids favourite toy with him/her when checking in. 


Furthermore, each area is also equipped with shading, some campers to laze around on and those who simply do not feel like any company can chill in the ‘dog box’.


We live on the property in attendance 24/7. The K9 Bliss accommodation area is a lock-up facility.  

Furthermore, our resort is also under CCTV surveillance and outside areas are monitored by Roboguards.